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​Africa-Europe project: identities and differences. Dialogues between cultures and policies

With a view to supporting stability, security and development initiatives in the African continent, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate-General for Global Affairs (Central Africa Directorate), has financed a project called “Africa-Europe: Identities and Differences. Dialogues between Cultures and Policies”, promoted by the Union of African Communities of Italy (UCAI) Onlus – Non(-profit Organisation).

The initiative, through the instrument of the “Missions Decree 2022”, is consistent with the operational proposals set forth under the Farnesina’s “Partnership with Africa” strategic policy document, launched in 2020 and soon to be updated. The aim of the project is to give voice to African key players who bring new ideas and creativity, in order to better understand their identity and evolutionary processes, as well as their real needs and what they expect from Italy and Europe – net of ideologies that, to date, have helped create common but not always firmly inclusive paths.

With this aim in mind, four round tables are scheduled for 2023 – featuring African, Italian and European interlocutors – which will be illustrated at a press conference to be held on 28 December (further info:

The topics selected by UCAI for the round tables are extremely interesting:

– The forms of politics, democracy and diplomacy of peoples.

– Cultures, identities and values

– Asymmetries in development and partnerships

– Matriarchal and patriarchal societies: the dimension of women

“The main goal is to remove the asymmetries that have grown firm in the various partnerships between Africa, Italy and Europe, drawing inspiration from innovative ideas of illustrious and less renowned figures who have stimulated an outspoken exchange of ideas, based on intercultural dialogue, listening and inclusion”, UCAI President Otto Bitjoka said.

A final report of the project will be presented in late 2023, summing it all up, helping policy makers implement innovative ideas and contribute to further strengthening the Italian-African partnership.

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