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ROME DECLARATION – For a better Syria (versione originale)

The Assad regime is seeking to artificially manipulate the minority issue as part of its broader evil attempts to tear the social fabric of the country and perpetuate its dictatorial rule over the country. Representatives of the Syrian democratic opposition committed to the struggle for “a better Syria” met in Rome on September 20 to reassure all Syrians that their rights will be equally respected and their interests and participation to the political life of a new Syria actively promoted. In particular, they committed to the following principles:

1. We are committed to the creation of a united and democratic Syria, founded on the principle of equal citizenship, where all individuals, regardless of ethnic, religious or gender differences will be able to live peacefully and fully exert their own rights. We regard the departure of President Assad from power as a pre-condition for the consolidation of a democratic and prosperous Syria ensuring equal rights to all its citizens, and living at peace with itself and the neighbouring countries.

2. Syria is a multi-ethnic multi-religious and multi-cultural country. We are respectful of the equal rights of all Syrian citizens and of the social components living in Syria. We commit ourselves to protect those rights in the future, during and after the post-Assad political transition.

3. A democratic Syria will create the most favourable conditions to enable all its citizens and social components to actively promote their specific culture, language, religion in the framework of the national state and in accordance with international standards. All these principles will be democratically discussed and articulated among Syrian opposition and communities in the framework of the new Constitution, building upon the July 2012 Cairo Democratic Platform.

4. The new democratic Syria will guarantee the security to all Syrian components with no exception. Representatives of all components will be offered the opportunities to fully participate to the political life the institutional and economic reconstruction of their country.

5. We reject any form of sectarianism and commit to struggle against it. Sectarianism contradicts the notion of citizenship and equality on which a democratic Syria is to be based.

6. We shall guarantee the security of all foreigners living in Syria. We are for a Syria which is pluralistic, tolerant, open to the dialogue of civilizations, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, and willing to interact and cooperate with the outside world.

7. We commit ourselves to support all efforts aimed at unifying and consolidating the cohesiveness of the Syrian democratic opposition whose main task is to actively promote a post-Assad political transition and return the country to the Syrian citizens.