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Gentiloni on a mission to London

Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Paolo Gentiloni’s mission to London will centre on a bilateral meeting with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and a speech he is to deliver at Chatham House on ”Crises Across the Mediterranean: Confronting the Common Challenge”. The future of Europe, challenges of immigration, Italy’s contribution to stabilising the Mediterranean region, Europe and the role and efforts of International Organisations will be the main topics of the Minister’s two-day (14 and 15 September) visit to the City.

The future of Europe

The Gentiloni-Hammond agenda will cover the crises along the borders of Europe, in Ukraine and particularly the crises in the Mediterranean, which, along with that of immigration, are posing unprecedented challenges to Europe’s very identity and founding values.

Italy’s role in the Mediterranean

“Dialogue” between Rome and the Mediterranean has always been a constant. In partnership with its European, Western and regional partners, Italy, a natural geographical and cultural bridge between the northern and southern Mediterranean shores, is working to strengthen legitimate institutions and contribute to the economic and social development of countries threatened by instability. These are themes upon with it is necessary to support a global plan to which Europe, the United States and international financial institutions are applying a multilateral approach.

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