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The Interview: Perrone, Made in Italy in California is not just food and fashion

Made in Italy isn’t only food, luxury cars and fashion here in California, but “is perceived in all its many facets”, assured Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles Giuseppe Perrone in an interview for the TG3 news programme “Persone”. There is, the Italian diplomat explains, a continuous network of relations, for example in the sectors of high technology and clean energy, where our country is in the avant-garde”. Los Angeles “is not only the capital of world entertainment, but also of advanced research”, Perrone adds, underscoring that all Italians here “are envied for their professional skill”.

Ties between Italy and the U.S. are generally very intense. Perrone recalls one of his most moving moments in Los Angeles when there was a great outpouring of solidarity following the earthquake last year in Emilia Romagna and participation in the many initiatives proposed, beginning with the restoration of the Ferrara City Theatre.

This year is the Year of Italian Culture in the U.S., and for the Consul General it is “a sensational opportunity to enhance our image”. Los Angeles, in fact, has already hosted a series of important exhibitions on Greek and Roman Sicily, the Renaissance in Florence and Caravaggio.