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Bilateral meetings with Abbas and Peres – Peace in is everyone’s interests, says Mogherini

Just back from a visit to Lebanon and Jordan, Minister for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini met today with Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres. “There is the awareness, among both Palestinians and Israelis, that peace is in everyone’s interests” and “the international community has the duty to support” that path, said Minister Mogherini.

Italy prepared to do its part

There is a “strong demand for a European political presence” in the region, and “Italy will do its part during its duty presidency”, the minister assured. The point of departure, she added, is “to specify that peace is both necessary and possible”, and that “the political resolve to achieve a positive outcome, to speak to one another, is fundamental”.

Strong leadership and determination indispensable

“Let us hope the Palestinian unity government can spur the resumption of talks” with Israel, the minister said at the end of her meeting with the Palestinian president, “success needs strong leadership and political determination”.

With Peres, Moghernini explained, “we share a vision and an awareness of the importance of conveying to our respective peoples that turning this page would be enormously valuable”.

An historic day in the Vatican

Mogherini also pointed out that, with the Vatican prayer for peace, Israeli and Palestinian presidents Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas defined yesterday as “historic”, and a day that “gave the world back the hope that peace is possible through dialogue”.

Israel and Palestine in early July

The minister announced plans for a mission to Israel and Palestine in the “early weeks of July”. “We will continue to work, and have appointments in Israel and Palestine”, she stated, “it will be a mission that I will be making after the launch of the EU duty presidency”.

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