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Dei – German Government Endorses New National Port Concept

The German Federal Government approved the ”Hafenkonzept 2015″, a strategic plan to enhance the country’s port development policy. The project will extend over a period of 10 years and sets out 155 measures to be implemented for the development of German seaports and inland ports. The main goals are to expand port-related infrastructure and remove bottlenecks, streamline land and sea links to and from German ports, improve their competitiveness, provide better vocational training and enhance employment, promote environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation, as well as to optimize the security of the logistic supply chain. A total of 20 million euros will be invested in an innovative port technology project, 350 million euros in expanding the rail network connecting the ports and 30 million euros for the training and qualification of about 1000 skilled workers.

Eritrea – EU Sign National Indicative Programme to Support Renewable Energy

The development of Eritrea’s renewable energy sector to make the country less dependent on oil and coal imports for electricity production is one of the goals of the Eritrea-EU Cooperation National Indicative Programme (NIP), signed on 28 January.  Under the agreement, most of the 200 million euros allotted will be funneled to the energy sector. The shift to renewable energy sources will also enable Eritrea to lay the foundations for a broader and more sustainable development. The consistent volume of funds allocated to support renewable energy sources and to improve ​​governance will create the conditions to relaunch the country’s economic activities. 


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