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Farnesina and Guardia di Finanza: collaboration with foreign diplomatic network

The synergy between the Farnesina and the Guardia di Finanza (Customs Police) abroad was the focus of a plenary meeting of the experts in service abroad that opened today at the headquarters of the General Command of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affiars Michele Valensise on the invitation of GdF General Commander Saverio Capolupo.

Secretary General Valensise stressed the priorities of Italian foreign policy, an integral part of which are the international efforts of the officers of the GdF abroad against tax evasion and finance-related crimes. 

Counter-terrorism financing and international sanctions  

“The present international scenario is complex”, Valensise said, “and the foreign policy issues we treat on a daily basis require economic-financial expertise. Stemming the flow of financing to terrorism or the implementation of international sanctions are examples of the importance of synergy between the Farnesina and the Guardia di Finanza”.

Training in customs and tax-fraud policing 

Another of the meeting’s focuses was the training of GdF officers in customs and border and tax policing, which the Guardia di Finanza exercises also with regard to persons in countries that are a high priority for Italian foreign policy.