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Telephone conversation between Minister Alfano and his Mexican counterpart

“Following the actions previously taken through our Embassy, I had a long telephone conversation with my Mexican counterpart, Luis Videgaray Caso, to express Italy’s deep concern over the disappearance of three Italian citizens in Mexico and to personally urge him to take immediate action to solve the case.

I emphasised our great expectations to maintain close coordination in this phase between the Mexican authorities that are conducting the investigation and our Embassy in Mexico City and I conveyed to my colleague the strong hope that our fellow Italians might soon be found and the perpetrators of the crime be brought to justice. Minister Videgaray assured me that the Mexican authorities are making their best efforts to shed full light on the case.”

The statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Angelino Alfano, at the end of a telephone conversation with the Mexican Foreign Minister late last night, after returning to Italy from Belgrade.

He added: “Minister Videgaray also assured me that finding the three Italians and assuring ‘full justice’ are also the priority objectives of the Mexican Government and that the case is given priority attention both by the Federal and by the local Government. He confirmed that the four municipal police agents were arrested because of their involvement in the disappearance of the three Italians, that Mexico’s Attorney General is continuing his investigations to find the other people involved in the crime and is ready to fully cooperate with the Chief Prosecutor of Rome and that an arrest warrant has been issued for the Chief of the Municipal Police who allegedly gave the order to the four subordinated agents.” In concluding, the Foreign Minister assured that both the Mexican Government and the judicial authorities will continue to do everything possible to solve the case.   

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