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AFRON wins a medal for its commitment to fight cancer in Uganda

AFRON, the non-profit organization engaged in cancer prevention projects in Africa, received a medal to the merit for its commitment in fighting cancer in Uganda. The medal awarding ceremony was held on the 56th anniversary of Uganda’s independence. The ‘Golden Jubilee Medal’ was awarded to the founder and president of the association, Maria Tiziana Andriani, for her civil commitment in the Country, by the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The President of AFRON said: “The medal received today honours us and stimulates us to continue with even greater commitment. We are aware that this recognition will further improve our credentials and attract greater attention from new donors. We have many projects under way and the need for fresh funds is always compelling. The medal represents a victory for AFRON but it is an even greater victory for all the lives that we have managed to safe. Today we have added a new milestone on our path but there are still many mothers and children that wait for our support.” After 8 years of awareness-raising campaigns and screenings, and thanks to the support of the Italian Embassy in Uganda and of the Ugandan Embassy in Italy, AFRON has become a sound point of reference in the struggle against cancer in Uganda. Since 2017 AFRON is a member of the Uganda Cancer Society, a network that includes all the local and international organizations dedicated to the struggle against cancer in the Country. In November, AFRON will launch a new screening campaign: three volunteer doctors, an oncologist, a gynaecologist and a pathologist will examine 600 women at the Matany Hospital in the region of Karamoja, in north-east Uganda, on the border with Sudan and Kenya, and will provide oncological training to 100 nurses and midwives.

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