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Launch of the project “Up For Travellers” in Prague

Up For Travellers
Praga, al via il progetto "Up For Travellers"

“Up For Travellers” is the name of a project on tourism launched by the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague and promoted by the Sardegna Travel society, with the support of the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMIC). The Italian Ambassador in Prague, Mauro Marsili, welcomed the initiative, “an introspective look on tourism that meets man and discovers he is a traveller”. During the event to present the project, Ambassador Marsili emphasised that “Up For Travellers” sets out to question tourism and its possible perspectives in a scenario of “unforeseen events” that have redesigned the duration, way and approach to travelling, and where the actors of the tourist ecosystem are called to rethink themselves to be able to provide answers to a radically changed demand. The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Alberta Lai, and the CAMIC President, Danilo Manghi, attended the event.

On the occasion of the launch of the project, three focus sessions were held on the state of the art of the tourism industry in the field of study, research and experimentation. The event in Prague offered an articulated reflection on travelling, travellers and the complexity of the tourism instrument, both from a theoretical and operational point of view. The speakers included Ramune Genzbigelyte-Venturi from the European Commission Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, and Michal Veber, Executive Director of the Association of Czech Travel Agents.


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