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Tanzania – Ambassador Lombardi attends “Youth Pre-Cop 27”

Tanzania, Ambasciatore Lombardi a “Youth Pre-Cop 27”
Tanzania, Ambasciatore Lombardi a “Youth Pre-Cop 27”

The Ambassador of Italy to Tanzania, Marco Lombardi, took part in the “Youth Pre-Cop 27” event organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Dar es Salaam. The Egyptian, EU and Swedish ambassadors (the last-named a Board member of the Thunberg Foundation) also attended. During this meeting with prominent representatives of Tanzanian young environmentalists’ movements, the Egyptian Presidency illustrated the goals of the COP 27 taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh. Tanzanian delegates to Youth4Climate in Milan also attended.

In his remarks, Ambassador Lombardi recalled that, with Youth4Climate, Italy has made a significant contribution to recognising youth movements which, at the global level, are working to combat climate change. Lombardi then underscored that climate change is a topic of particular interest for Tanzania, which, with a population in continuous growth and a very low average age, has a role to play in addressing this global challenge. A challenge which, if tackled effectively, can become an opportunity for development.


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