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Warsaw, Italian and Polish economies compared

Varsavia, economie italiana e polacca a confronto
Varsavia, economie italiana e polacca a confronto

The Italian Cultural Institute of Warsaw has organised, in cooperation with Confindustria, a meeting entitled “Italia e Polonia: prospettive di crescita e rischi” (Italy and Poland: growth prospects and risks). The event will be held on 19 April at the Institute’s headquarters.

The Italian and Polish economies have a number of similarities, most notably the fact that they both have a leading manufacturing sector. The competitiveness of Italian and Polish manufacturing companies is based on the same key element: the ability to sell in international markets. In fact, export of goods accounts for about a quarter of the GDP in Italy and a third in Poland, a fact that also forces companies to face the challenges imposed by the changing geopolitical context.

The similarities existing between the two economies with regard to manufacturing companies will be addressed by economist Tullio Buccellato and by Gianni Fazio, an entrepreneur in the furniture industry with manufacturing activities also in Poland.

Tullio Buccellato works at the Centre for Studies of Confindustria (CSC). He has worked with the OECD, with EY in Paris and Milan and with the Office for National Statistics in the UK. He has taught at the universities of Tor Vergata, University College London, School of Oriental and African Studies and Ca’ Foscari.

Gianni Fazio is an entrepreneur in the furniture industry. He was born in Italy but grew up and lives in the UK where he obtained a PhD in economics from University College London and where he has worked in various government departments, including the Office of Fair Trading and the former Department of Trade and Industry.

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