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Meeting of the General Council of Italians Abroad opens at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Plenary Meeting of the General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE) has convened in the International Conference Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Paolo Gentiloni, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, delivered the opening speech.Vincenzo Amendola, the  Under-Secretary with responsibility for Italians abroad, will present the report on the Government’s activities for Italians abroad.

The CGIE  is the central body representing Italian communities abroad and consists of 63 members: 43 local (elected in the countries with the biggest Italian communities) and 20 appointed by government (designated by political parties, trade unions, employers’ organisations, associations and the press). Its meetings are attended by experts, with no voting rights, appointed by other government bodies, cooperatives, employers and media organisations. Yesterday afternoon, Michele Schiavone was elected as the new General Secretary of the Council.

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