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Voting abroad – The Foreign Ministry has placed utmost attention on effectiveness and transparency

Today the Director General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies, Luigi Vignali, participated in the La7 TV show “Tagadà”. The show mentioned the case of a half-opened envelope containing a ballot paper in Tenerife that was reported on Facebook. He explained: “In Spain we used the most reliable local courier that assured us a fast 24-hour delivery service in the past. In all, 20,000 envelopes were delivered in the Canary Islands. The case of Tenerife is the only one reported.” He went on: “in all of Spain, 130,000 envelopes have been delivered, only 0.3% of which asked for a duplicate, which is a good yardstick” of the reliability of the delivery system.

With respect to the voting procedures abroad, “the Foreign Ministry has placed utmost attention on effectiveness and transparency: the Italian voters voting abroad are 4.3 million in 177 Countries around the world, 20% more than in the parliamentary elections of 2013,” added Mister Vignali, emphasising that voters will have to have their ballots delivered to Consulates by and no later than 4 p.m. on 1 March.

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