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Libia: dichiarazione congiunta su sospensione embargo petrolifero (versione originale)

The Governments of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States welcome the agreement announced yesterday on the lifting of the blockade of oil exporting ports in the East of Libya.

Our Governments congratulate Prime Minister Abdullah al Thinni and the Interim Government of Libya and their commitment to work together with the Libyan National Congress on these significant steps toward peaceful resolution of this issue which has done so much damage to the Libyan economy and to the Libyan people over the last nine months.

Our Governments call on all parties concerned to implement the agreement in full and as quickly as possible, in accordance with the timetable set out in the agreement.

In line with the conclusions of the Rome Ministerial Conference on international support to Libya, we reiterate our call for the prompt establishment of a transparent and inclusive national dialogue that includes particular focus on the fundamental national and regional questions involving Libya’s resources.

The Constitution Drafting Committee which will start its work later this month will have a crucial role in drafting a new Libyan Constitution that will guarantee the future of the Libyan democracy and the fundamental rights of its citizens.

Our Governments also urge all groups throughout Libya to cease disruption of the country’s energy installations to enable production and exports to return to normal levels so as to permit the resumption of economic development which is in the interest of all Libyans.

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