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Cooperation: New rural roads in Morocco

New roads in Morocco thanks to 10 million euros in debt conversion funding from Italy. On 31 March 2012 the last of the 8 stretches of rural roadway, linking villages in the mountainous region of Tadla Azilal, in the Atlas range, was opened. The entire Italian-funded network includes another 7 stretches extending 106km in total and serving a population of 35,000 living in 10 municipalities.

Helping communities emerge from isolation

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Moroccan Minister for Infrastructure, Rabbah, thanked Italy warmly for its help. He described the project as an example of intelligent cooperation that serves the development of the country, because it is designed to support the Government’s plans to help the poorest communities emerge from their isolation.

Tackling the needs that drive people to emigrate

The Italian Ambassador, Cherubini, underscored the special significance of having chosen for the Development Cooperation project the region that is home to most of the Moroccan immigrants arriving in Italy. The aim, he explained, is to tackle at the root the needs and the poverty that drive people to emigrate. And at the same time to pave the way for emigrants to return to productive lives in their homeland.

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