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Libia: Dichiarazione congiunta Francia-Italia-Gran Bretagna-Stati Uniti

Concerned at the instability in Libya and the threat that poses to the successful achievement of the democratic transition, the Governments of France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States reiterate their support to the people of Libya as they work for the consolidation of democracy.

We reiterate our support to the elected political institutions and call on Libyans to reject any use of force against them.

We recognise that the adoption of a Constitution will be key to providing the framework for Libya’s secure and prosperous future and encourage a swift launch of the constitutional process.

We also believe that a single, inclusive national dialogue, facilitated independently, can make a positive, paramount contribution to securing a transition to democracy and help ensure that all views are properly taken into account. We applaud the positive efforts currently in train in this regard.

We call on all Libyans to set aside their individual differences, work together in the national interest and help strengthen the democratic institutions with a view to fully realising the aspirations of the revolution, thus paying tribute to its martyrs and their sacrifice.

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